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Ignoring the World's Problems Since 18 A.D.
So there are two songs lately...

 So this may be weird... but I find that pictures of well-muscled, lean men are more thinspiring to me than women.  I guess it's just the thought of all the hard work Brad put into making himself look the part for Achilles in Troy that does it.  Men work so hard for their bodies, lifting and toning and eating well and running miles and miles.  I really admire it.  I think starving is like weightlifting for women.  Pretty women, anyway.
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Ryan was fighting with Scarlett in public recently. Poor baby.

Well I want to lose 6 pounds before June. Hopefully I won't lose it all in boobs.

Spring Break's almost over, and I've accomplished nothing. I have to work tomorrow. I could have gotten shit done and rewarded myself with going to a Clutch concert tomorrow night. Alas, I am worthless. I also ate a whole meal today and I don't want to talk about it. 

Current Mood: cranky faaack.
Current Music: Kyuss

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...I was watching Futurama, and Bender had this GREAT quote:

"Hey you two, get a room!"
"We're in a room!"
"Well then, lose some weight!"

I about died laughing. Being an asshole is okay.

PS: I'll be doing some userpics and icons tomorrow/today.

Current Mood: amused amused

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